fit-at-work1. Schedule ‘workout’

Make exercise an important commitment and schedule it like a meeting so that you are more likely to keep the “appointment”. It is also a good idea to keep tabs on your workout progress so that you are motivated to continue exercising.

2. Include both cardiovascular exercise and strength training

Adding a well programmed strength training exercise routine and a regular cardiovascular workout (such as walking, cycling, swimming) will work wonders for you. You will burn calories, boost your metabolic rate and shape up. You might consider hiring a qualified trainer to plan your exercise routine based on your goals.

3. Take exercise breaks

Take exercise breaks, regularly. You could stretch mid-morning, or take a walk at lunchtime, or climb up the stairs when you are stressed.

4. Take breaks to deep breathe.

Do you binge eat when you are bored, angry or tense? Relax, deep breathe several times. Decide to do something to take your mind off food. This will help you distinguish between actual hunger and eating due to emotional responses.

5. Plan ahead

Do you tend to eat when you are bored or feeling low? Plan ahead. Think of a new stimulation, a new goal or a new sense of achievement.

6. Hydrate

Drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Also eat high water content foods that will help you lose weight. Examples are watermelon, oranges, pineapples, tomatoes, and cucumber.

7. Fuel your body right

If you want a sense of well-being and energy, fuel your body right so it performs well. The body has an internal clock and the metabolism is regulated by regular cycles. If you learn to respect these cycles slimming will be easier.

8. Separate food from your work

You tend to eat mindlessly when you are distracted. Whether it is junk or health food that you eat, you should always be fully aware of what and how much goes into your system.

9. Make better food choices whenever possible

Eat egg white instead of the whole egg. Whole-grain, instead of refined products. Low-fat instead of full fat. Did you know? Skim milk gets 5 per cent of its calories from fat, while whole milk gets 51 percent from fat.


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